We help you find solutions for your requirements within our product range. Şahbaz Kağıtçılık advise you with its specialist staff in many applications.

Customer Services

We always stand by you.

Get support from our specialist whenever you need. We have a wide range of consultancy services that support your corporation in printing, supply chain and also packaging process.

Our call center answers all your inquery. Do you have a problem with the delivery or the product delivered? We solve your problem as soon as possible.

Do you come across a difficulty you can’t resolve or do you need advise about the useg of a product? Our product managers are ready to meet you with the best solutions.

You can contact our call center or send an email to for all your questions.

Sustainable Development

We are stronger together.

Besides caring its own environmental responsibility, Şahbaz Kağıtçılık provide products and services that increase your sustainability.

Green Products

You can respond your customers needs by our eco-friendly green products.

Send an email to to get more information about our eco-friendly certifications.

Logistics Services

To be always one step ahead.

Efficiency of our customers mostly depends on quality of our delivery with our customized service approach. Professional printing and packaging materials within your reach whenever you require.

Customized Delivery

The first priority…

You don’t have to wait for another customer, your papers are delivered before the ink dries.

Early Delivery

Your papers are delivered while you are a sleep !
We also work after working hours.

  • This is customized service of Şahbaz Kağıtçılık. Charged seperately. For more information call +90 212 501 11 01 for our Call Center.

Business Network

We help you to develop business connections.

We are happy if your customers are happy. You can improve your corporation by joining us and following the latest trends with us. We can make marketing activities together to seize the opportunities.

Personalized Products

Customized Solutions

Do you need custom sized paper that fits you machine? Just ask us! We provide custom sized for your needs.

For more information call +90 212 501 11 01 for our Call Center.